The Big Bang .

On my first day of university, I learnt about the origin of the universe (casually; as one does).
It simply blew my mind.

What I can’t stop thinking about now, over a week later is what a miracle it all is. It is utterly amazing that the very particular sequence of millions of events which resulted in our existence – the cosmic singularity, hydrogen converting to helium, supernova explosions and so forth – all happened as precisely as they have.

The probability is ridiculously slim. Thus, I say it is a miracle.

So now I have formed the awe-inspiring habit of really trying to take it all in. Even when I’m feeling sick or grumpy, I just try to look around, and realise that the utter fact of existence is enough to be celebrated. And it’s s easy to be reminded of that, staying in Cape Town.

For every meal, I have to walk up a bit of a hill to our brother residence, and on the way there is the most spectacular view of Devil’s Peak, and Table Mountain to the left. Every single mealtime, it makes me stop. The crevices in the rock, the way clouds tango with the peaks: it reminds that I am alive, on this profound planet in the middle of a stupendously giant universe that extends into infinity.

From the Big Bang, to my birth – I am grateful for everything that brought me to this precise moment in time, because in this moment lies all possibilities. Think about it.